Fluffy blueberry cake, butter cream frosting laced

with honey and a blueberry on top

A family favorite! Vanilla cupcake, a layer of grape jelly,

peanut butter frosting and topped with peanuts

A decadent, sweet cupcake, filled and

topped with toasted coconut

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream frosting,

cocoa puffs and roasted marshmallows

A traditional state favorite! Carrot cake with toasted

walnuts and cream cheese frosting

Red velvet cupcake, moist and delicious,

the classic oklahoma way!

A moist chocolate and coconut cake with a

whipped chocolate coconut frosting

Banana cupcake with butter cream frosting

and shaved snickers bar

Peach cupcake with a layer of peach preserves,

vanilla frosting and topped with panko

Swirled with sweetened cinnamon and apples

and topped with traditional icing

Moist strawberry cake and

creamy strawberry frosting

Key lime cake, cream cheese with lime zest

frosting and pie crust crumble

A Spring favorite! Apricot ricotta cupcake with cream

cheese frosting garnished with dried apricots

Fluffy blueberry cake, butter cream frosting

laced with honey

A savory classic in a cupcake!

(cheddar cheese)

Cherry cupcake with cream cheese cherry frosting

A must have, heavenly cupcake available

with chocolate or vanilla bean butter cream frosting

A delicious lemon poppy seed cupcake

with a lemon curd frosting

Pineapple cake, frosted and

topped with brûléed pineapple

Chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter frosting,

topped with toasted peanuts

Vanilla cupcake, available with chocolate

or vanilla butter cream frosting

a chocolate cupcake with a vanilla cream

filling, drizzled with a chocolate ganache frosting

a sweet potato cupcake with cream cheese

frosting and garnished with toasted marshmallows

a cherry cheesecake, with cream cheese

frosting and topped with graham crackers & cherries

a mint cake with chocolate frosting,

garnished with graham crackers & chocolate shavings

A dense coffee cake made with fresh ground coffee, frosted with vanilla frosting and garnished with whole coffee beans.

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